Record of the Month: April 2018

Bob Downes Open Music – Electric City


Electric City Cover Front

Bob Downes does not read newspaper nor watch the news on the telly. Instead he is learning new instruments. About 30 by now. Mainly flute and sax amongst many other wind instrument.

Downes used to be a big fish in Britains late 60’s and 70’s jazz rock scene and this album is a quite typical work of this genre. And it’s excellent. Funky guitars (Ray Russell, Chris Spedding), a heavy brass section (incl. Kenny Wheeler, Ian Carr) and lively vocals by Bob in person make a fantastic set-up. And of course he plays sax and flute on most of the tracks.

01. No time like the present

Already from the beginng with “No time like the present” as opener the essence of the record is clear – straight rock with jazzy attitude, psychedelic sometimes (not difficult with a squeaking sax) and always funky. Outstanding instrumentalists and the full and rich arangements distinguish Electric City from others. Like most good crossover you simply cannot say that it is either Jazz or Rock any longer for it defines a new style which is stand-alone. Tip:¬†“Walking on” and “In your eyes”.¬†Simply amazing.

All in all this is an absolute recommendation. Listen and have fun.